NeoTENS - Wireless TENS Machine

Neo G UK

  • £3499

Product Details:

  • Rechargeable wireless portable muscle stimulator that helps relieve back pains, arm, neck, leg, muscle pains, sore joints and arthritis
  • Uses bioelectric and electromagnetic technology to help relieve sore joints and muscles whist also triggering the body’s natural pain-relieving endorphins
  • Features 5 operational modes, each with up to 15 intensity settings, providing maximum flexibility to find the setting you need for your injury
  • Whist most TENS machines have long cables that can limit your mobility - NeoTENS is completely wireless meaning it’s compact, discreet and easily disguised underneath clothing for hidden pain relief anytime, anywhere
  • Quick and easy to use with simple USB charging giving up to 150 minutes use per charge
  • Quick 2 step activation with large raised buttons that allow for easy operation
  • Uses skin-safe, long-lasting adhesive
  • Includes 1 set of self-adhesive electrodes pads - NeoTENS replacement pads are also sold separately


Nearly half of all UK adults live with chronic pain

Muscle or joint pain can disrupt your daily life - sometimes to the point that you have to miss out on work or spend less time with loved ones. Taking OTC pain relievers can help, but some can deliver negative side effects, such as nausea or an upset stomach. Applying pain relief creams can also be a solution, but these topical salves can leave your skin feeling sticky, oily, and greasy. NeoTENS provides a handy and mess-free solution for relieving all sorts of body pains.

Relax those tense muscles and aching joints with the Neo G TENS Machine – wireless, rechargeable pain management.

Some days you have to deal with intense muscle pains, while on other days you experience minor body aches. NeoTENS features 5 operational modes, each with up to 15 intensity settings, so it’s easy to find the right mode for you and your injury.

Neotens Product Detail

It runs on a pre-set 20 minute program for optimal relief, simply press "+" or "-" to adjust the intensity. It also features a quick 2 step activation and has large raised buttons that allows for easy use and operation.

With its wireless and compact design, NeoTENS is portable and easily disguised beneath clothing for hidden pain relief anytime, anywhere. So you can use NeoTENS in the gym, the office, or whenever you travel. It’s easy to move and reposition on the body so is perfect for targeting all muscles such as the back, arms, leg, neck, and shoulders.



The indications outlined may not be suitable for your condition, before use always seek medical advice from your physician. Avoid wearing for prolonged periods. Only use on clean, intact skin. Do not use if liniments, ointments, gels, creams or any other substances have been applied to affected area. The product should be applied as illustrated. If a rash develops, pain is prolonged or conditions worsen, discontinue use and consult a physician. Do not use this device if you have a cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator, or other implanted metallic or electronic device, because this may cause electric shock, burns, electrical interference, or death. Do not apply stimulation over the neck because this could cause severe muscle spasms resulting in closure of the airway, difficulty in breathing, or adverse effects on heart rhythm or blood pressure. Do not apply stimulation across the chest, because the introduction of electrical current into the chest may cause rhythm disturbances to the patient’s heart, which could be lethal. If you have one of the following conditions, please consult with your physician before purchasing or using this device: heart disease, abnormal blood pressure, etc. See manual for full warnings & instructions

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