NeoTENS Replacement Pads

  • £1299

Product Details:

  • Product contains two sets of electrode pads. Each set gives up to 30 uses (meaning 60 uses in total)
  • Reusable pads that use skin-safe, long-lasting adhesive
  • Quality self-adhesive provides a sticky, quick grab and easy to peel surface
  • Pads come with a clear plastic protection cover to minimise dry-out and retain adhesive during storage
  • Fits the Neo G NeoTENS wireless portable muscle stimulator only

How To Use

  1. Ensure the device is turned off before applying the replacement pads. Peel away and remove the original pads and dispose.
  2. Without touching the gel pads with your fingertips, peel off the blue plastic film from one of the electrode pads using the peel tab, leaving the clear plastic film on the other side of the pad.
  3. Position the sticky pad over the grey marking on the back of the device and press firmly. Repeat this process for the second pad. When ready to use the device, remove the clear plastic film from both pads.

For full details refer to TENS unit instructions before use


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