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Back to School - Supports for Kids

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Neo G Supports for Kids

Whether outdoors or indoors, kids love to play! Bikes, scooters, skateboards and trampolines are all great fun…but sometimes a good time can quickly end in tears and with a few bumps and bruises. Children are very resilient and will often recover in no time but occasionally they might need a bit of extra support to help them bounce back into action.

Neo G has taken it’s bestselling VCS products and developed a range of orthopaedic supports specifically for children. All the features and benefits of the adult sized products are included, just at a smaller size designed to fit children up to age 12. Take a look at the products below and be sure to check out the full range of Kid’s Supports here.


882K - Kids Wrist Support

Heat therapeutic neoprene helps warm smaller muscles and joints whilst the wrap around strap allows for an adjustable level of compression


885K - Kids Open Knee Support

Constructed from heat therapeutic neoprene to help keep the affected area warm. The open patella design helps provide additional support.


887K - Kids Ankle Support with Figure of 8 Strap

Heat therapeutic neoprene helps warm the affected area whilst the figure of 8 wrap around strap helps provide extra support and compression


Adult supervision is always recommended when fitting kids supports. As always check with your child’s doctor before use to ensure the support matches their requirements.

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