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Sprained ankle? Get some support

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Neo G Ankle Injury Guide

The ankle joint is a complex part of the body and takes a huge amount of pressure every single day as we walk and move around. High impact sporting activities such as football or skateboarding can place additional stress on the joint and one wrong move can result in a nasty strain or sprain. Even simple everyday things like running for the bus or walking down the stairs can sometimes result in an injury.

An ankle sprain is the result of a ligament surrounding the ankle joint becoming injured. There are several ligaments that make up the joint and ankle sprains are graded from 1 to 3 based on the severity of the injury. Most sprains will result in swelling or bruising and you may find that you cannot put weight on your foot.

If you think you have sprained your ankle the first thing you should do is consult your doctor or physiotherapist to assess the damage and decide on the best method of recovery. They may recommend a support/brace to help protect and stabilize the ankle. Neo G offer a range of ankle supports with various levels of compression and different features. Discuss with your doctor the supports below to see which one is suitable for your injury.



724 - Airflow Ankle Support // Lightweight and slimline providing mild compression


456 - Airflow Plus+ Stabilized Ankle Support //Breathable knitted support with silicone joint cushions


816 - Ankle Brace with Gel Pad // Rigid cast with gel insert


887V - Ankle Support // Heat therapeutic neoprene support



887 - Ankle Support with Figure of 8 Strap // Heat therapeutic neoprene support with wrap around strap for additional compression



854 - Laced Ankle Support // Lace up ankle support with additional wrap around strap for firm compression


164 - RX Stabilized Ankle Support // Silicone joint cushions and elasticated lacing system for the ultimate support

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