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Common Back Pain Causes – Things to watch out for day to day

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Neo G Back Pain

Back pain is a common problem and can be caused by a number of different things. Because the back is a very complex part of the body, (including bones, muscles, nerves), it is often difficult to determine exactly what is causing the issue. Most cases aren’t caused by serious damage or medical conditions but by everyday activities that gradually develop into a problem over time.


Things to watch out for include:

  • Heavy Lifting – Lifting and carrying awkward or heavy items can put excessive pressure on your spine, especially if you don’t use correct lifting techniques.
  • Awkward twisting movements – putting unusual strain on your body after a working week sat behind a desk can lead to injuries. We are more likely to get injured at the weekend when playing golf or lifting the shopping out of the car as our body is not used to the extra pressure
  • Sitting for long periods – We spend more time than ever sat down. Slouching and poor posture at work or whilst driving can create issues over time. Remember to take regular breaks and set up your workspace correctly
  • Lack of exercise – A lack of core strength and flexibility can be a deciding factor in developing back pain. Our core supports all of our movements so its important to ensure we keep it strong and in turn keep our back healthy


If you are suffering from back pain it could be worth talking to your doctor or physiotherapist about our range of back and posture supports

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